Why Geographic Thinking?

Geography is simply the study of terrain and its features like rock formations or rivers. It can also include man-made features such as bridges, roads, and buildings. Most importantly, Geography relates land formations to their use/ how they are interacted with. This principle was brought to my attention through my historic preservation class, actually. These interactions between living and non-living entities are just as important as understanding terrain.

I want to study geography because I spend a lot of time interacting with it, and may end up having to understand it better as part of my future job. To be more specific, most of my time in the summer is spent hiking around in the mountains of New Mexico with Boy Scouts, teaching them about experiencing the outdoors as a way to explore and relax. It would enhance my teaching capability if I were able to incorporate geography into my repertoire. In regards to future careers, I am looking to become a part of a conservation team out west in New Mexico. I would be a part of a team who would be doing surveys of the land, de-marking areas for trails, and identifying areas with excessive undergrowth that may prove to be a risk in future forest fires. If I were to understand geography, and how people interact with it, I would be able to perform my future job better. 

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